A Girl From Texas

The Life, Loves and Battles of Ruth Conerly, America's Extraordinary Artist

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Resume and Commentaries

"A Girl From Texas" is the riveting story of a small town Texas girl who from poverty became one of America's most successful commercial artists. Illustrated with a treasure house of Conerly art: high fashion, magical Christmas illustrations, WWII battle scenes, the iconic Death of Alamo Commander William B. Travis, it traces epic moments of history, interwoven with Conerly's tormentous love life and struggle up to the top echelons of commercial art. Here is a Cinderella classic, set against the nostalgia of a romantic yesteryear and a bone-chilling genetic mystery.

"Every so often -quite rarely, in fact - a work of family history comes along that is worth its weight in gold.."
-- Bryce Milligan, San Antonio Express-News

"It's not often that family history reads like good fiction, but when your mother is a glamorus commercial artist..."
--Carolyn Poirot, Star-Telegram Staff Writer

"Fascinating story of a world class artist. Solid work, beautifully written - keeps building."
-- Christian Smith, professor of classics, RET

"Ruth Conerly's art holds an important place in our company's archives, a legacy of craftsmanship and creativity during WWII, a pivotal period in our nation's history."
-- Amy L. Meadows, Marshall Field's Archive Collection

"A powerful story for a TV mini series; ideal for a young actress looking for a role of quality." -- Roberta Haynes,  former Vice-president of Twentieth Century Fox TV Mini-series

"Takes me back to times I knew. I laughed and cried all through it!" --Ken Olson, Author of six books, two best sellers.

"Ruth's painting of Alamo Commander Travis! She was painting herself standing there, sword in hand up against unfathomable odds, a whole damn army against her and refusing to give up!" --Charles Swett, Freelance Editor